Our criminal defense practice areas cover a wide range of legal specialties, each with its own unique focus and expertise. Whether it’s major crimes such as homicide, armed robbery, narcotics, white collar crimes or general crimes such as domestic violence, intoxicated driving and other driving offenses, these practice areas play a crucial role in ensuring fair representation and protecting the rights of individuals accused of crimes.

By understanding the different types of criminal defense practice areas, defendants can make informed decisions when seeking legal representation that gets results.

OWI Defense

As your OWI legal defense team we assist those who have been charged with operating while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. We are well versed in Michigan law and the procedures related to the most intricate OWI cases. Our experience helps to challenge the evidence presented against you to negotiate plea bargains and minimize the potential consequences.

White Collar Crime Defense

Clients charged with a white collar crime are often accused of fraud, embezzlement, and more. Our firm has a complex understanding of financial transactions and regulations that helps to work in your favor as a defense strategy to challenge the evidence against you and to protect your interests.

Drug Crime Defense

Drug crime charges are for drug-related offenses that include possession or intent to distribute or manufacture illicit substances. It is important for an attorney to know every step and detail in a drug crime case who intends to represent you. Our firm has the experience to manage the process and at the right time produce a stellar defense that can either eliminate charges or
dramatically reduce charges and penalties.

If you are facing criminal charges and need a trusted law firm for your defense, contact our office or call (248) 569-7776 for immediate assistance.